​The Marketing Analytics Maturity Curve​ - Marketing Analytics Summit Las Vegas


Rob Clarke

​The Marketing Analytics Maturity Curve​


June 18, 2019


9:15 am


Octavius 9 - 11


The Marketing Analytics Maturity Curve.  How would you assess your organization’s marketing analytics capabilities – novice, advanced, or expert?  What type of results can you expect to generate at different levels of maturity?  This session will enable you to self assess and answer the following questions:  

– How do you standardize data across channel and content dimensions?

– How much data fidelity do you currently have?  How much is sufficient vs too much?

– How do you collect data and are you capturing all touch points?

– Is data stored in a format to easily run models from which to gain actionable insights?

Are you using descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive models?

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