Data Science 101: One Analyst's Journey - Marketing Analytics Summit Las Vegas


Tim Wilson

Data Science 101: One Analyst's Journey


June 19, 2019


2:20 pm


Octavius 13 & 14


Don’t have nights and weekends to rework your personal budget to drop out of the workforce for a few years and return to school full-time to learn Data Science?? Yet, you’d love to start doing some data science? Tim is here to lend a hand. He describes why and how he started doing more data science while remaining an analyst at his core, and what he has learned along the way. The real fun starts with examples he shows – in a way you can try them out on your own data, very easily, without writing a line of code. Tim’s cases are real-world and hands-on, so you can log into your Google Analytics account and follow along. Yes, you’ll also get the code (including an explanation of the statistics that are in play and why they matter) separately. Practical, tactical and voila, you can add “Data Science” to your LinkedIn profile.

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