Importance of Process - Marketing Analytics Summit Las Vegas

Importance of Process


June 18, 2019


1:30 pm



Octavius 9 - 11


The smartest experts and the latest tools will not cut it without an investment in robust processes. Laura unwraps the riddle of why companies flunk Process 101. (Spoiler Alert: by focusing on cost rather than customer value and revenue.). Learn how heroes reap the value of processes and how to measure the success of your marketing methods. This technique is not just for your email, search, and social marketing campaigns, it also applies to digital analytics, customer experience, voice of customer, segmentation, and testing methods and logistics: all of your strategic marketing. Laura shares how the best organizations map their processes, so you can be constructive the minute you return to your desk.

  • The Central Role of Processes
  • Which Processes Should You Care About First
  • Best Practices of Process Mapping
  • Measurement for Your Processes
  • Tools You Can Use on Monday

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