Success Plans: One-Page Frameworks for Marketing Measurement - Marketing Analytics Summit Las Vegas


Mary Owusu

Success Plans: One-Page Frameworks for Marketing Measurement


June 18, 2019


10:30 am



Octavius 9 - 11


How do you meaningfully align all the moving parts of any marketing campaign to a specific business outcome? How do you identify the technical, operational and creative requirements necessary for the success of the campaign? How do you clearly share your vision (and needs) so upper management can understand it, digest it, and buy in? You asked the right woman. Mary created the Marketing Success Plan because of one of the striking dysfunctions we marketers live with: even with a commitment to measurement and analytics, it can be hard for us to translate clicks and impressions into business impact—and this can lead to cuts to our marketing budgets. Mary shows you how to confidently align the right corporate KPIs to marketing activities, while fostering buy-in from cross-functional departments and leadership. The result is a soundly orchestrated Success Plan that not only manages your marketing KPIs to your desired business outcomes, but also sets your projects up for success from the very beginning. And it all lives on an executive-friendly sheet of paper.

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