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No matter what tool you use, an A/B testing strategy requires a flow of test ideas to keep the cycle of continuous improvement going. That sounds great, but how do you come up with test ideas that matter? Melanie reveals how to use your available quantitative and qualitative data to find opportunities for experimentation. Learn how to use web analytics, user surveys, heatmaps, user recordings, and heuristics for test ideas that lead to more successful user experiences.

ITP updates, Edge’s new rendering engine, Chrome sameSite cookie changes, CCPA, …Oh! and make sure all of those new dashboard updates are done by the end of the week and give me a cross-tab for seasonality by region pegged to competitive ad spend, OK?thanksbye. While Cory totally commiserates with you on that last bit, he can fundamentally help with practical, tactical insights and advice about tag management turmoil, Do-Not-Track and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act anxiety, and modern browsers and the destruction of an analyst’s dreams. If you work in the weeds, bring your questions!

For the second time in a year, the boss said he wasn’t sure about the value of analytics, because ‘the business is so simple,’ and, ‘the execs just didn’t get it.’ It’s budget-cutting time again. We had streamlined reporting, settled on KPIs, and helped them get insight they never had before. What’s not to get?? Melinda describes the over-delivering trap she had built for herself, reveals the warning signs she should have heeded, and gives specific instructions on how to get yourself out of the same hole. The first lesson: stop digging! The second lesson will save your job and the third will make you an analytics rock star.

Whether you use Data Studio, Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, R, or (most likely) some combination of platforms, data visualization is a core mechanism for communicating with your stakeholders. The difference between a mediocre illustration and an excellent visualization is whether a stakeholder struggles to internalize the information and fails to put it to use or understands and acts upon it. Tim walks through the neuroscience and psychology that underpins data visualization best practices in. He’ll gift you with platform-agnostic, effective, tactical tips that put you in the data illumination driver’s seat.

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