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Marketing Analytics Summit Call for Speakers


June 21-22, 2022 – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas


Speaker proposal deadline: January 28, 2022


Since 2002, Marketing Analytics Summit (formerly eMetrics Summit) has brought together the latest thinking, the newest developments, and the most current examples of using data to glean insights.

Marketing Analytics Summit is where marketing analytics professionals discuss, reimagine and collaborate.

Marketing Analytics Summit is the birthplace of the next breakthroughs in marketing.

Marketing Analytics Summit because:

  • You cannot manage what you do not measure
  • You cannot predict the future without a firm grasp of the past
  • You cannot convince all the people all the time with the same message
  • You cannot produce killer creative without insights garnered from data
  • You cannot keep up with rising consumer expectations


The legwork of data collection, preparation, integration, curation, and analysis has created a new profession – as well as the Digital Analytics Association! We’re achieving business outcomes by fine-tuning interactive creative and keeping a close watch on every mouse movement. Some insights optimize a landing page and some optimize an entire business model. Gleaning meaning from data is art and science.


We are actively seeking speakers for keynotes and breakouts about exciting advances in web analytics, search engine optimization, email marketing analytics, social media metrics, and more.


We’re looking for presentations that offer practical, tactical advice on


  • Becoming a Data Informed Organization
  • Online Optimization
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Personalization Proficiency
  • Omni-Channel Attribution
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Marketing Intelligence Integration
  • Attribution Management
  • Testing Methods and Practices
  • Finding Insights and Stories from Data
  • The Path from Analyst to Data Scientist
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Marketing Mix Simulations
  • What Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mean to Marketers
  • Mistakes to Avoid and Lessons Learned
  • Or some other topic that you find so exciting, you just know the audience will find it exciting too!
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Hints & Tips for Writing Your Abstract

Imagine yourself an attendee sitting in the audience when you give your presentation. What would you like to hear (or not)? What would make a positive impression and make you feel your time well-spent? Consider those questions carefully when you write your abstract.

For starters two quick rules: Don’t be commercial, and don’t overuse buzzwords. Both will lessen your chances of being accepted.

Say enough, but don’t say too much. One sentence – or a list of bullets – is definitely not enough. More than 100 words is usually too much. To optimize your chances, express your message fully but succinctly.


Knowledge is everything!
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