Aligning Measurement with Business Strategy - Marketing Analytics Summit


Doug Hall

Aligning Measurement with Business Strategy


Wednesday, March 2, 2022


9:15 am


So often, we think we need to measure EVERYTHING in analytics. This introduces noise into your signal, mixing wheat and chaff, stopping you from seeing the wood for the trees, mixing metaphors, and will not get you a promotion. Third Party data has always been subpar in terms of utility – and it’s getting worse – so First Party data is our new BFF. But the mixed blessing is a temptation to be a bit too … clingy. Don’t overdo it! To build a healthy relationship with your First Party data, you need a range of actionable tactics for managing expectations regarding ethical data collection, appropriate workloads, and activation. You’ve come to the right place: Doug is a Man with a Plan. Let’s get you promoted!

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