Avoiding the World's Most Egregious Analytics Mistakes - Marketing Analytics Summit


Mehwash Zafar

Avoiding the World's Most Egregious Analytics Mistakes


Monday, May 10, 2021


10:45 am


Analytics mistakes, large and small, result in bad data, misunderstood reports, faulty analysis, job loss, self-doubt, and thoughts of becoming a pet food taster. Rejoice that your pain is acknowledged and shared and be very grateful that you can dodge a mistake your company is just about to make. Implementation missteps? Yep. Script slipups? Oh, yes. Goals gaffes? More common than you think. Mehwash highlights some of the worst analytics blunders companies have made, how to fix them, and how to avoid making them in the first place. Learn from others’ mistakes is much less painful than making them yourself.

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