Bringing Test&Learn to the Store - Marketing Analytics Summit


Gary Angel

Bringing Test&Learn to the Store


Wednesday, May 12, 2021


11:45 am


Built around a case-study of a global retailer’s effort to bring test & learn methods to merchandising in the store, this presentation delves into what changes (and what doesn’t) when implementing testing programs in a physical environment. Gary describes the overall testing program, examines the results of early tests, shows how store geometry, product placement, product mix, product density, product types and, even display angles were tested. He shows actual pre-post test data and examines some of the unique aspects of non-digital testing including the tendency of physical displays to move around, problems with same-store comparison, and challenges with volume and seasonal imperatives. Gary also illustrates how many common issues in test & learn show up everywhere (getting enough data for confidence, changing too much at one time) and how impactful test&learn methods are when applied to new situations

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