Building a Winning Omni-Channel Attribution Program - Marketing Analytics Summit


Kent Lewis

Building a Winning Omni-Channel Attribution Program


Wednesday, June 3, 2020


11:00 am


The customer decision journey resembles the path of a fast pinball game – bouncing from one moment to the next with seemingly no predictable pattern. How can you connect throughout
this journey to inform, influence and inspire on-line engagement and action? Kent shares the what, the how, and the why of using an omni-channel attribution approach to engage with consumers at multiple ‘micro-moments’. Learn how to think small to win big
by understanding; when you should engage, where you can engage, and what kind of message to deliver at those moments to build your digital footprint and create macro success.

  • Understand “micro-moments” as part of the purchase path
  • Learn how to leverage assets across multiple channels and media
  • Develop an attribution program to track the efficacy of your multi-channel campaigns

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