Communicating Insights Effectively through Visualization - Marketing Analytics Summit


Natalie Erdem

Communicating Insights Effectively through Visualization


Wednesday, June 21, 2023


3:30 pm


Summerlin E


Every company has the need to be data driven. We’ve worked across industries and always face the challenge of making the data digestible to the audience. How do we achieve this? What tools do we use to enable the audience to see, touch and make decisions based on their data. Audience is everything! What do they want? What do they need? Marketing analysts and data scientists can see it but can their audiences see it? In this talk we will walk you through 3 real world examples of facing this challenge and the solutions we utilized.

If your audience is a set of power users or a C-suite executive who wants an at a glance view of how the company’s metrics are performing right now – these audience types should be the defining factor in how you visually communicate the data.

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