Controlling Tags So They Don’t Control You​ - Marketing Analytics Summit


Jennifer Kunz

Controlling Tags So They Don’t Control You​


Tuesday, June 21, 2022


10:50 am


Milano III


Marketing pixels and page tags have been around long enough for most organizations to have dozens (if not hundreds) of old marketing pixels on their site. Much of the time no one remembers who they were for or if they’re still needed (but no one dares delete). Who has time to clean up old tags? We’re too busy managing incessant requests and chasing down pixel IDs for tags that “must be deployed for a campaign starting Monday”. Not only can all those tags make maintenance difficult and suck up too much precious time, they have a serious impact on page performance. Jenn offers tips and tricks on auditing and cleaning past tags and setting your company up for a future state of governed, clean tags. You can have lean TMS libraries. Honest.

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