Driving Customer Acquisition & Repeat Rate with Lifecycle Models - Marketing Analytics Summit Las Vegas


Marta Dalton

Driving Customer Acquisition & Repeat Rate with Lifecycle Models


Wednesday, June 21, 2023


3:30 pm


What do you do if your company does research, development, and production of sustainable ingredients for the health, beauty, flavors, and fragrances markets, and if you lead the creation of a digital analytics team to include functions in data analytics, email & CRM marketing, customer insights, data science, and data engineering? You focus on the points of the customer lifecycle that strongly impact revenue: adoption and retention. Marta shares the criteria they set for customers to be in the model, the types of modeling used, what they learned from different clusters of customers, and ultimately how they provide direct value to marketing and sales teams. Walk away being able to replicate this case at your own company to identify where customers become “sticky” in their buying process and what puts them as risk for churn.

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