Keynote: Impactful Insights in a "Wicked" Environment - Marketing Analytics Summit

Keynote: Impactful Insights in a "Wicked" Environment


Tuesday, June 4, 2024


On demand


In today’s complex media landscape, measuring campaign performance includes dealing with hidden or partial information and delayed or infrequent feedback, which can result in incorrect insights recommending the wrong next steps. These are called “wicked” learning environments and can wreak havoc on agile marketing teams and marketers that want to launch, learn, and iterate quickly and accurately. Ely brings 20+ years of marketing and analytics experience to discuss how to survive and thrive as a marketing analytics leader in wicked learning environments. 

• Learn how to recognize whether the environment you are in is “kind” or “wicked”

• Discover best practices on measuring marketing efforts and deriving accurate insights in wicked learning environments

• Learn how the growth of LLMs and AI will impact how we measure marketing performance in these environments

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