Visualization and Storytelling — The New Big Data Skill - Marketing Analytics Summit Las Vegas

Visualization and Storytelling — The New Big Data Skill


June 20, 2019


9:00 am


Octavius 13 & 14


“No matter how big your data, you must master storytelling and visualization to influence business decisions.”

Visualization is the new communication medium – not the activity of making charts! Learn how to apply the foundations of visual language, evoke what people really want from their data, and unleash your creativity.

Develop leadership in the processes, people, and culture around visualization. To make big data successful requires you to build new skills in visualization, turn data into stories, and change how teams work together.

This workshop is more than a day of amazing ideas. The exercises and team-based challenges build your confidence with practical ways to immediately improve your visualizations and reveal the “a-ha” insights. 

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