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Mary Owusu


CEO / Head of Digital



To meet Mary Owusu is to meet a story of resilience. In 1992 after her family of seven emigrated from Ghana to the United States, they faced cultural ridicule, abject poverty, and the risk of deportation. 
Against all odds, Mary and her four siblings not only persevered but thrived–their work currently affects millions of Americans every single day. Mary has forged a path as both an educator (at Canisius University) and an entrepreneur (at–helping businesses and marketers excel at digital marketing. Drawing on the rigor, resilience, and compassion she developed through her own struggles, Mary’s platform––has become the popular destination for marketers to transform into sprint marketers by working smarter (not harder) using digital sprints.
As the current board president of the Digital Analytics Association, her vision is to democratize digital analytics for people of all backgrounds so anyone can have access to the analytics field.
Mary’s remarkable journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, compassion, and rigor–that if you are willing to show others “how any system works” they can overcome it…whether that is the immigration system or the digital marketing system. By turning her personal struggles into a source of inspiration and growth, Mary has shown that we can not only overcome adversity but also use it as a catalyst for change.

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