10 Marketing Analyst Presentation Mistakes - Marketing Analytics Summit


Alex Wall

10 Marketing Analyst Presentation Mistakes


Wednesday, June 21, 2023


1:40 pm


Pavilion Ballroom


It’s a poorly kept secret: marketing analysts are among the most critical roles to fill and have the most vital perspectives to include. But when given the microphone, too many analytics rockstars fumble because they’re not communicating the value of their measurables in terms that are impactful with owners, the C-suite, or other decision-makers. As a result, campaigns, product features, and customer outreach can fly blind without the input and insight of critical analytical findings. A Gartner Survey in 2022 found that marketing analytics influenced just 53% of decisions across those polled. You don’t need complicated data visualization, expensive tools, or an appendix of spreadsheets to get the attention of your decision-makers and overcome cognitive bias, but Alex hares the ten things you do need to stop doing when presenting your findings.

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