Avoiding Data Fluency Pitfalls - Marketing Analytics Summit


Ali Groepper

Avoiding Data Fluency Pitfalls


Wednesday, June 21, 2023


1:40 pm


Summerlin E


You have data literacy from here to the moon and back, naturally. And some of your clients (internal or external) have some grasp of where the data come from and what it can do for the organization. But data literacy isn’t enough for an organization to successfully take action. Even the strongest findings can be left behind if your organization lacks data fluency. Data fluency connects employees across roles through a set of standards, processes, tools, and language. You can make a huge impact by building a data-fluent organization, but there are pitfalls to avoid on the journey. Ali identifies the major hazards, how to overcome them, and a few social engineering tips and tricks to get everybody on board.

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