If I Tell You the Answer, What Are You Going To Do With It? - Marketing Analytics Summit


Neil Mason

If I Tell You the Answer, What Are You Going To Do With It?


Wednesday, June 22, 2022


10:40 am


Milano I & II


If a tree falls in the forest and everybody hears it – it makes no difference at all unless somebody harvests the wood, trundles is out of the forest, mills it into lumber, and builds something useful. All the hard work of data collection, cleaning, transportation, integration, analysis, and brilliant insights delivery with data visualization and storytelling are for naught if there is no impact. For many organizations, the challenge is still how to deliver real business value from data and analytics investments – particularly completing the “last mile” of turning insights into actions and understanding the outcomes. Neil offers up 30 years’ worth of experience in using a user-centric, value driven approach to designing and developing data products that focus on outcomes. He’ll share some of the approaches he’s developed over the years for proposition development, understanding how value is delivered, and why organizations should be thinking about being decision-led rather than data-driven.

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