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High Impact Testing That Inspires Stakeholder Action


Thursday, May 6, 2021


8:45 am



From setting up your tools and tags, to gaining stakeholder buy-in, and most importantly, determining how to act on test outcomes, you must expertly balance art and science to make sure your testing program is successful.

But your job isn’t done yet.

How do you map out the methodological design that supports de-risking important business decisions?

How do you convey the story of each experiment to your product or marketing teams to drive action from test outcomes?

And if you have high test velocity – How do you find the time to make a full presentation and read-out meeting for each test?

Stop wasting precious time–focus on your high value work! 

In this workshop, as a large group and in small breakouts, we:

  • Walk through the test life cycle to demonstrate how up-stream decisions, experiment design, and planning add to the narrative of your results presentation
  • Master the tool agnostic formula for tailoring a business-outcome focused dashboard
  • See the tool agnostic template in practice through a client case study in Adobe Workspace
  • Learn how to make this process repeatable to drive meaningful, long-lasting business impact.

About Your Instructors

Valerie Kroll

Julie Shallman

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